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Letícia Bindá Gondim
David Barbosa de Alencar
Alexandra Priscilla Tregue Costa
Antônio Estanislau Sanches


The present work uses knowledge obtained in the course of Production Engineering, with the purpose of presenting a proposal of factory project of a handicraft truffle microenterprise. The study proceeds in the factory design area, as well as in the general administrative area, especially entrepreneurship. For this, market information, layout proposal, raw material used material costs, a good location, basic equipment were presented, in order to bring knowledge that helps to visualize what you need for the opening of a small homemade factory, of truffle production. All data were collected through bibliographic research, and through academic knowledge acquired during the course of Production Engineering. The study aims to collect information that help the entrepreneur to start his own business, efficiently and effectively, in view of quality and productivity, so that you can obtain a satisfactory financial return.


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Bindá Gondim, L., Barbosa de Alencar, D., Tregue Costa, A. P., & Estanislau Sanches, A. (2019). A PROJECT PROPOSAL FOR A TRUFFLE MICRO-ENTERPRISE. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 7(10), 156-165. https://doi.org/10.31686/ijier.vol7.iss10.1760


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