The Comprehensive Quality in Health Services by Using Six Sigma


  • Amal Yassin Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Saudi Arabia



total quality management, health services, competitiveness, sigma six


The study aimed to know the overall quality of the concept and its importance in providing high-quality health services and the availability of the key factors in the application and services and to take administrative factors, technical and human and financial, which may contribute to the raise if directed properly and have an adult in improving the quality of health services impact.

Based on the nature of the study and the objectives it seeks, the analytical descriptive approach was used. It was based on the study of the phenomenon as it exists in reality and it is treated as a precise description and expressed in qualitative and quantitative terms.

To analyze the analytical aspects of the research subject and then collect the initial data through the questionnaire as a main tool for research, designed specifically for this purpose, and distributed to government hospitals in Khartoum State, and included the study community department managers and patients in government hospitals in Khartoum state.

A random sample was collected (300) department managers and patients from the Khartoum government hospitals. Each individual has the opportunity to be a member of the study sample during the year 2016.

The study concluded with a number of results, the most important of which is that the hospital management has the material potential (furniture, equipment, ...) to use the Six Sigma curriculum with an intermediate degree. The hospital management is ready to use the Six Sigma curriculum to a high degree. Six Sigma In the middle level, the hospital management is keen to train the heads of departments to form teams for the process of continuous improvement to a high degree, the hospital administration is continuously improving the purpose of reducing the deviations and errors that occur, the hospital management is ready to provide an information system Its data continuously At, there is the management of the hospital readiness to provide direct contact with an intermediate degree of quality coaches tuning software system.

The study presented a number of recommendations, the most important of which is linking the promotion system in the public hospitals in Khartoum state with the quality control program, paying attention to the overall quality and stressing the possibility of using it in hospitals in Khartoum State because of its scientific and practical importance and improving the quality of the services and the operations provided.


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