Performance analysis of a condensation-extraction steam turbine operating in a sugar-alcohol factory cogeneration system


  • Prof. Dr. Paulo Sérgio Barbosa dos Santos UNESP / Câmpus de Ilha Solteira - SP
  • Prof. Dr. Ricardo Alan Verdú Ramos UNESP / Câmpus de Ilha Solteira - SP
  • Me. Eng. Marcelo Caldato Fiomari UNESP / Câmpus de Ilha Solteira - SP
  • Prof. Dr. Emanuel Rocha Woiski UNESP / Câmpus de Ilha Solteira - SP
  • Drª Engª Thaisa Calvo Fugineri Moreti UNESP / Câmpus de Ilha Solteira - SP



Cogeneration, Condensation-extraction steam turbine, Sugar-alcohol factory


In this work a thermodynamic analysis for a condensation-extraction steam turbine capable of driving a 40 MVA electric generator in a sugar-alcohol factory was carried out. Sensibility analyses were performed to evaluate the behavior of the overall energy efficiency of a plant with the condensation-extraction steam turbine in function of the boiler efficiency, the specific consumption of steam in the processes as well as the condensation rate in the turbine. The analysis results have shown that this turbine in the cogeneration system contribute to increasing the power generation, although the condensation reduces the overall efficiency of the plant. It has also been observed that the plant efficiency is very sensitive to the condensation rate variation and increases with the demand for steam in the processes.


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Barbosa dos Santos, P. S., Verdú Ramos, R. A. ., Caldato Fiomari, M., Rocha Woiski, E. ., & Calvo Fugineri Moreti, T. (2019). Performance analysis of a condensation-extraction steam turbine operating in a sugar-alcohol factory cogeneration system. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 7(8), 275–290.

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