Quality of Work Life in Higher Education Institutions

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Daniele Krauze Boone
Estela Pitwak Rossoni
Rogério Simão
Flávio de São Pedro Filho
Marcos Tadeu Simões Piacentini
Alexandre Leonardo Simões Piacentini


The quality of work life, whether in the public or private institution, aims to promote well-being for employees, so that they can perform their activities satisfied and motivated, thus contributing to an excellent organizational performance. This study is a review of the literature on the quality of life at work, in which approaches and applications were sought from public servants, especially from Higher Education Institutions. For that, bibliographic research was carried out, with an exploratory and descriptive character, with a qualitative approach and deductive method. The collection of data in front of the compiled and localized scientific works focused on the identification of existing models, among which Walton was considered the most adequate and therefore, with higher utility for the future study of deepening in an application with public servants of Higher education institutions. This model includes a structured questionnaire with eight criteria: social relevance of work life, use of skills, working conditions, social integration in the organization, work, and total living space and constitutionalism, fair and adequate compensation and opportunity for growth. It is understood that new research applied in this sense, help the managers of the HEIs studied in the decision making aimed at promoting improvements to the Quality of Life at Work. 


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Krauze Boone, D., Pitwak Rossoni, E., Simão, R., São Pedro Filho, F. de, Piacentini, M. T. S., & Piacentini, A. L. S. (2019). Quality of Work Life in Higher Education Institutions. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 7(4), 130-143. https://doi.org/10.31686/ijier.vol7.iss4.1395
Author Biographies

Daniele Krauze Boone, Federal University of Rondonia, Brazil

Bachelor in Business Administration from the Federal University of Rondônia.

Estela Pitwak Rossoni, Federal University of Rondonia, Brazil

Doctor in Administration and Professor in the Department of Accounting Sciences of the Federal University of Rondônia.

Rogério Simão, Federal University of Rondonia, Brazil

Master in Administration and Professor in the Department of Accounting Sciences of the Federal University of Rondônia.

Flávio de São Pedro Filho, Federal University of Rondonia, Brazil

Post-Doctor in Management and Economics from the University of Beira Interior (UBI), Covilhã, Portugal. Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Professor and Researcher at the Federal University of Rondônia, where he teaches Social and Environmental Management in the Master in Administration. Coordinator of GEITEC / UNIR / CNPq, Brazil.

Marcos Tadeu Simões Piacentini, Federal University of Rondonia, Brazil

Master in Administration and Professor in the Administration Department of the Federal University of Rondônia.

Alexandre Leonardo Simões Piacentini, Federal University of Rondonia, Brazil

Master in Administration and Professor in the Department of Forestry Engineering of the Federal University of Rondônia.


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