Study on Teaching Methods for Engineering Project Management Based on Professional Accreditation of Engineering Programs

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Jiao LUO


This article is focused on the teaching methodology for Engineering Project Management course. The course is an elementary and core course for automotive engineering major based on the requirement of professional accreditation of engineering programs. The course can be described as a course with big scale and more emphasized on industry. Three teaching methodologies have been used to coordinating with the course features: case-study learning, mission-driven learning, project-driven learning and flipped-classroom learning. The article addressed how the three methods have been applied in teaching. Meanwhile, the article also mentioned that a multi-methods evaluation should be more precise for evaluating students’ abilities.


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LUO, J. (2019). Study on Teaching Methods for Engineering Project Management Based on Professional Accreditation of Engineering Programs. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 7(4), 72-78.
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Jiao LUO, Shanghai University of Engineering Science,. Shanghai, China

School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering


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