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Vol 6 No 9 (2018): International Journal for Innovation Education and Research

Published: 2018-09-30

Social interactions in a virtual learning environment:

a focus on group formation strategies

Gislaine Madureira Rossetti Ferreira, Leticia Rocha Machado, Patricia alejandra Behar


Efficiency of fungicide chemical group in the preventive and curative control of Puccinia sorghi in corn and Cercospora zeae-maydis sporulation in different culture media

Juliane Nicolodi Camera, Jana Koefender, Diego Pascoal Golle, Roberta Cattaneo Horn, Igor Pirez Valério, Eduardo Fiorin Flores, Carolina Cardoso Deuner


Consumption Experience of Impulse Buying in Algeria

Dr. Assia KARA TERKI, Pr. Nadira BESSOUH



Cristina Keiko Yamaguchi, Priscila Machado Zanela, Karoline Brasil de Oliveira Ezequiel, Meline Vitali Duminelli, Gisele Silveira Coelho Lopes, Madalena Pereira da Silva


Resilience Strategies for Successful Aging

Geraldine Alves dos Santos, Profa. Dra., Raquel Maria Rossi Wosiack, Dra., Andrea Varisco Dani, Esp., Victória Haas Masiero, Kélen Lord Kleemann, Jacinta Sidegum Renner, Profa. Dra., Gilson Luis da Cunha, Dr.


Intellectual Property Management in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

A Systematic Literature Review

Francisco Valdivino Rocha Lima, João Antonio Belmino dos Santos


Strategy to Improve Quality of Higher Education Institution Based on AUN-QA Standard

Suwito Eko Pramono, Badingatus Solikhah, Diah Vitri Widayanti, Agung Yulianto


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