Development and Breakthrough In Chinese Market For Online Video Recruitment Platform In The Era Of "Internet +" A Case Study of HireVue in the United States

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Ge Qiuping
Luo Wenhua


With the help of "Internet +" technology, online video recruitment has overcome the defects of low coverage rate, high cost and poor effect of traditional recruitment mode.Compared with the traditional offline recruitment and general online recruitment, it is more flexible in operating mode, personnel screening, and decision-making mechanism. Better user experience, and higher quality of recruitment.Taking HireVue in the United States as an example, the online video recruitment platform has the potential of Chinese investment value and market development.However, there are economic and administrative barriers to entry, with high yields and high risks coexisting.In the future, we should consider those small to medium enterprises as the focus. Establishing multiple interaction modes; combining endogenous and exogenous financing; establishing a perfect credit system; And focusing on resource openness and privacy security.


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Qiuping, G., & Wenhua, L. (2018). Development and Breakthrough In Chinese Market For Online Video Recruitment Platform In The Era Of "Internet +". International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 6(2), 13-20. Retrieved from
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Ge Qiuping, Central South University

Professor, School of Public Administration

Luo Wenhua, Central South University

School of public administration


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