Methodology of power analysis in Michel Foucault’s thought

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Humberto Ribeiro Junior
Rayane Marinho Rosa
Heitor Brandão Dorneles Junior


This work seeks to reconstruct Michel Foucault's power analysis methodology in order to understand how he overcomes the classical theories of power by proposing a way of seeing power as a relation that occurs between subjects. In order to do so, the relations between truth and power will be analyzed, as well as the methodological premises elaborated by the author in his main works on power.



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Ribeiro Junior, H., Rosa, R., & Dorneles Junior, H. (2018). Methodology of power analysis in Michel Foucault’s thought. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 6(1), 149-158. Retrieved from
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Rayane Marinho Rosa, Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES)

Master Program in Social Sciences

Heitor Brandão Dorneles Junior, Vila Velha University (UVV)

Master Program in Public Security


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