Implementation Process of Corporate University in Network (CUN)

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Gertrudes Aparecida Dandolini
Patricia de Sá Freire
João Artur de Souza


The scientific literature points out that there are difficulties for the implementation of corporate university models since it is required the management of cultural, behavioral and structural changes, involving all the stakeholders of an organizational system. Among these difficulties, there is the commitment of leaders, definition of corporate education as organizational strategy, corporate university delimitation, identification of products and services, quality requirements and customers that will be suit. Also, promotion of the recognition system and people's reward, the systematization of best practices and error handling; definition of the centralization and decentralization of education activities across network; besides the strategic alignment design, the technologies, partnerships and evaluation of results. The most current studies describe that, to decrease these locks, the implementation must be perceived as an interaction process between the initial conditions and the expected results. That is, the implementation cannot be considered only as the exact moment of decision-making, but rather, it must be understood as a process composed of different steps to be taken to its effectiveness. In this context, this article aims to propose the most contemporary implementation process of a model of corporate university, identified in Scopus database as Corporate University in Network (CUN), taking into account the need for care of the different expectations and stakeholder interests in the organizational ecosystem. For such, a bibliographical research of descriptive end was carried out in which it is the Corporate University in Network model is presented, deepen its strategic rationale and taking them in consideration in the process considered for its implementation. As a result, we described the major stages of evolution towards the CUN model, and we proposed an implementation process, consisting of thirteen interrelated actions in order to achieve the final stage.


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