The Role of Environmental Responsibility in the Adoption of Green Marketing: The Case of Petroleum Companies in Arab Countries

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Halima Saadia KORICHI
Keddi Abdelmadjid
Constantin Sasu


Green marketing is considered as one of the most important responses to modern environmental challenges. In fact, green marketing goes beyond the local borders of countries and beyond any specific region. It is a global challenge that faces companies across the world. Green marketing is based on the principle of always providing customers and business partners with the highest added value, but with respect to environmental and social needs on the long term. In the present paper, we will define the requirements of a well-functioning green marketing strategy. We will also emphasize the role of environmental responsibility as one of the most important factors that push businesses to adopt a green marketing strategy.


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KORICHI, H. S., Abdelmadjid, K., & Sasu, C. (2017). The Role of Environmental Responsibility in the Adoption of Green Marketing: The Case of Petroleum Companies in Arab Countries. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 5(11), 103-139. Retrieved from
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Keddi Abdelmadjid, University of Algeria, ALGERIA

Faculty of Economic, Commercial and Management Sciences


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