The Use of Literacy Routines as a Bridge to STEM Lessons

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P. Renee Hill-Cunningham
Jerilou J. Moore


Elementary teachers are familiar with using literature and questioning techniques in teaching literacy.  The good news is they can apply the same skills to teach STEM lessons.   STEM instruction, particularly engineering, in elementary schools is virtually non-existent.  However, using design challenges based off of children’s literature can open up a new avenue to teach higher-order thinking.  The use of literature with STEM foci, and “queries,†questions that get at in-depth answers, can bridge teachers’ comfort levels with STEM lessons, building students’ creativity, curiosity, and perseverance.


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Hill-Cunningham, P., & Moore, J. (2017). The Use of Literacy Routines as a Bridge to STEM Lessons. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 5(6), 214-220. Retrieved from


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