K-12 Toolbox: Questions That Guide Instructional Practice

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Daniel Lee Stiffler
Mary Frazier


The importance of quality teaching in the nation’s public schools is receiving unprecedented attention. School districts are doing whatever they can to grow and retain effective teachers by providing the necessary resources and support to ensure teacher success. With this in mind, the Buhler School District set out to create a useful and research-based tool to help teachers with the fundamentals of classroom instruction. The K-12 Toolbox provides a series of guiding questions developed from accepted best practices in classroom instruction. The rich conversations and reflection inspired by the Toolbox’s questions are designed to help teachers lead students to higher order thinking and improved learning.  


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Stiffler, D., & Frazier, M. (2017). K-12 Toolbox: Questions That Guide Instructional Practice. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 5(6), 111-117. Retrieved from http://ijier.net/index.php/ijier/article/view/707
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Mary Frazier, Sterling College

Mary Frazier, a semi-retired elementary teacher and Integration Technology Specialist, is currently an adjunct instructor for the Department of Education at Sterling College in Sterling, Kansas.


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