Combatting Food Insecurity on a College Campus

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Jenny Manry
Shala Mills
Dorothy Ochs


Students and faculty at a rural university in Western Kansas took steps to decrease food insecurity in the campus population through the establishment of a campus garden and food pantry. Over a two-year period, the campus garden was relocated and expanded to provide easy access to faculty, staff, and students. The campus food pantry was enhanced to include cold and frozen foods and well as staple items. Survey results showed an increase in participation of both the garden and food pantry over the two-year period.


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Manry, J., Mills, S., & Ochs, D. (2017). Combatting Food Insecurity on a College Campus. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 5(6), 67-74. Retrieved from
Author Biographies

Shala Mills, Fort Hays State University, USA

Dept. of Political Science

Dorothy Ochs, Fort Hays State University, USA

Dept. of Nursing


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