The Prime Numbers

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Mady Ndiaye


A prime number is a natural number that has Just two divisors: one and itself. From antiquity until our time, scientists are researching mathematical reasoning to understand the prime numbers; eminent scholars had worked on this field before it is abandoned. Mathematicians considered the prime numbers like « building blocs in building natural numbers » and the field of mathematics the most difficult. Everything is about numbers, everything is about measure, The understanding of the natural numbers and more general the understanding of the numbers depend on the understanding of the prime numbers. This understanding of the prime will gives us greater ease to understand the other sciences. The prime numbers play a very important role for securing information technology hence promotion of the NTIC, Every year, there is a price for persons who will discover the biggest prime “it’s the hunt for the big prime†This first part of this article about the prime numbers has taken a weight off the scientists ‘s shoulders by highlighting the universe of the prime numbers and has bring the problem of the prime numbers to an end. The mathematical formulas set out in this article allow us to determine all the biggest prime numbers compared to the capacity of our machines.


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Mady Ndiaye

Professor of mathematics.