A Study of the Applications of Multiple Rhetorical Skills to Reports Regarding Exhibition Centers

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Hsin Chi Ko


The culture of exhibition centers expands people’s view of life. Colorful reports can grab visitors’ attention and recognition and may influence their motivation to visit. For a report to achieve vividness, the application of rhetorical skills is the key. Thus, this study aimed to explore the applications of multiple rhetorical skills to print media reports. The research method adopted was the qualitative research method. Throughout the analyses, this study found a combination of rhetorical skills to be relevant. The expected effect of this study is to help students in communication related departments to apply rhetorical skills to the practical writing of reports.


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Ko, H. (2015). A Study of the Applications of Multiple Rhetorical Skills to Reports Regarding Exhibition Centers. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 3(10). Retrieved from http://ijier.net/index.php/ijier/article/view/449
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Hsin Chi Ko, Chang Jung Christian University, Taiwan

Department of Mass Communication and Language Education Center


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