The Challenges of Humanistic Approach to FLT towards Traditional Approach in China

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Zhang Yong


Traditionally, FLT in China attaches too much to the mastery of target language, ignoring learner’s personal development in the learning process. Humanistic teaching voices an objection to the mechanistic, dehumanizing, inhuman emphasis of traditional approaches to education, and a plea for the adoption of new attitudes, concepts and approaches in this area. FLT, as one part of education, has also been influenced by this new force, and requires some innovative approaches to replace the conventional ones in methodology. This paper intends to analyze the big challenges provoked by humanistic teaching towards traditional approach to FLT in China, such as, â€student-centered†vs. “teacher-centeredâ€; “process-oriented†vs. “product-orientedâ€; and “holistic-oriented†vs. “knowledge-oriented†. This detailed analysis is intended to help better comprehend humanistic teaching ideas and provide a new perspective on FLT in China.


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Yong, Z. (2015). The Challenges of Humanistic Approach to FLT towards Traditional Approach in China. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 3(10). Retrieved from
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Zhang Yong, China West Normal University, China

School Of Foreign Languages


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