Analysis of Negative Transfer in Junior High Students’ English Writing Errors

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Yang Xueping


It has become a very significant topic that how to help students overcome the Chinese negative transfer in English writing. This research attempts to investigate the main types of errors made by junior middle school students in their English writing, then to explore the causes of the identified errors, in order to avoid these types of errors. The research subjects are 107 students from two classes in grade eight of No.10 Middle School of Nanchong. Questionnaire and composition writing are used as instruments in this research. It hopes that, this paper can help teachers and students to overcome the influence of Chinese negative transfer, improve students’ English writing.


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Xueping, Y. (2018). Analysis of Negative Transfer in Junior High Students’ English Writing Errors. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 6(7), 80-88.
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Yang Xueping, China West Normal University, China

Master, School of Foreign Language


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