illuminance assessment: a case study in a central library of a federal university

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Aianna Rios Magalhães Véras e Silva
Matheus das Neves Almeida
Hélio Cavalcanti Albuquerque Neto
Bárbara Cristina Costa Bacelar de Carvalho
João Isaque Fortes Machado


The illumination has a great influence on the performance of the students influencing their learning. Thus, this work has as main objective to evaluate the levels of illuminance that the users are submitted in the reading areas of the central library of the Federal University. For this, a luximeter was used and with the support of R software, statistical tests were performed to evaluate the behavior of the variable illuminance between the shifts, days and reading areas. It was observed that, in general, the library is not in compliance with the current norm, and there was no significant change in the average level of illumination between the shifts and days of measurement, except for the reading areas chosen for analysis. Therefore, it is advisable to maintain the electrical installations of this library, besides the placement of more luminaires near the windows and replacement of the lamps with the LED ones.


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Silva, A., Almeida, M., Albuquerque Neto, H., Carvalho, B., & Machado, J. (2018). illuminance assessment:. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research, 6(4), 160-175. Retrieved from